The Life Legacy Box Project
celebrating love, legacy and the joy of living
Our Mission

It is the mission of the Life Legacy Box Project to provide a pathway for families and friends to share memories in a lasting and meaningful manner.


Woodworkers, health professionals and other volunteers will work with hospice patients, families and friends to create and distribute hand-crafted wooden boxes - a means for honoring, preserving and passing down one’s life legacy.

Some of us leave behind our names etched on buildings, some build monuments, others buy objects that are symbols of achievement that they wish to be remembered for. There is a near-universal desire to leave a legacy, a marker that we passed through our fellow human beings' lives that helps us feel complete. This fills us with the satisfaction of a life well lived. 


Many of us find our most important legacy in our genetics carried in our children and our grandchildren. We also cherish the values we impart to them. We leave behind our values not just in what we taught our children and families but also in the institutions we support, the causes we believe in, the way we live and the choices we make.