Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be a part of the Life Legacy Project?

Q: Can anyone donate a Life Legacy Box?

A: Everyone is welcome to donate a Legacy Box or other

container which is suitable for mementos. This may be anything

from a personally constructed box to a treasure found at a

flea market or a re-purposed item you find at home.

Q: What sorts of things should I collect as part of a Life Legacy?

A: You can interview family and friends for stories; collect photos of

your loved ones and their families; look around for trinkets and

awards and mementos which help tell the person’s history.

Q: Is the Life Legacy Project limited to Legacy Boxes?

A: No. You can make Legacy Scrapbooks; you can record your loved

ones’ stories in their own voices; you can transcribe recorded

stories for others to read; you can make a video of your loved

one telling stories, or collect videos recorded in earlier days.

Q: How can my group learn more about the Life Legacy Project?

A: You can arrange to have a speaker talk about the Life Legacy

Project at an upcoming event for your church group, civic

organization or community gathering.